Free online game for all ages playable online in your browser

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How to play on desktop

  • Use arrows to move
  • "CTRL" + arrows to eat without moving
  • "K" to restart if blocked
  • "G" to drop grenades
  • "D" to drop dynamites
  • "P" Pause Game
  • "ESC" to quit

How to play on mobile devices

  • Swipe anywhere on the screen to move (Relative joystick)
  • Hold with another finger on the bottom right and swipe to eat without moving
  • Tap on the grenades or dynamites to drop them
  • Tap on the left score to restart
  • Tap on the right score to quit
  • Tap on the time to pause

Fresh news 22 january 2018

The level editor is now available. You can create your own maps. You can add friends and get more space to host caves. Enjoy ;-)

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Rockbasher is a free fun puzzle action game for all ages.

It was created in 1998 on windows and my children loved it so much so I reprogammed it with new web technology in 2017 to make it a game playable online in a browser

(on chrome is better)

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Rockbasher retro game
Rockbasher retro game